Rules & etiquette

Important to us

  • Friendly cooperation is the top priority.
  • We respect each other.
  • We greet all members, guests and employees.
  • We use “Ready Golf” in free play mode (see Ready Golf).

Dress code

  • On course incl. practice area: „Etiquette clothes
  • We respect our teammates, tournament organizers and sponsors and shower prior to the tournament presentation. The dress code can always be found in the competition literature.

Tee-Time Reservation

  • Do not book tee-times unless your attendance is certain. There’s always availability on the 27 holes.
  • Always respect your tee-times.
  • Cancel any booking early, your group partners will thank you.

Prior to play

  • Be aware of the 18-hole combination for that day’s play (RED/YELLOW/BLUE).
  • Arrive in plenty of time at the first Tee (10 minutes before your tee-time).

Rules on the tee

  • Keep a safe distance from your fellow players.
  • Never swing in the direction of your fellow players.
  • Make sure that you know where your fellow players are (failure to take this precautionary measure has already led to accidents).
  • Respect silence while your fellow players are playing.
  • Follow the correct order of play for HCP-effective rounds.
  • Do not stand behind the ball (unless with prior agreement).
  • Only Tee off when the group in front of you is safely out of reach.
  • Make sure that you don’t unnecessarily damage the tee surface. (practice swings)

Pace of play

  • Consider your club choice for the next shot on the way to the ball.
  • Do not use overly long pre-shot routines.
  • Make a maximum of 1 practice swing.
  • Walk quickly between the shots.
  • Always keep up with the group ahead.
  • Consider where you place your trolley at the green to allow for quick progression from the green to the next tee.
  • Always leave the green quickly. Mark your card on the next tee.
  • Pick up your ball if you have exceeded a valid score on that hole and the next group is approaching.
  • Wave the group behind you through, while looking for the ball.
  • Tee off first and then note the score of the previous hole.

Additional pace of play “Ready Golf” in free play mode

  • Agree “Ready Golf” with your group before starting.
  • You may deviate from the order of the match rule 10-2. The player who is ready to play strikes the ball. Always in agreement with your playing partners and in accordance with the principle of safety.
  • If a long hitter must wait, the others should play first.
  • You may wait a few meters ahead of your playing partner, who is hitting, but not in the line of play or sight.
  • Play your ball first and then help to find a lost ball.
  • In doubt, play a provisory ball.
  • Play your ball, even if your playing partner is still raking at the bunker.
  • Exchange distance and obstacle information whilst approaching the ball.
  • Advise players of incorrectly placed trolley/carts.
  • Always put your glove on and off in advance of each shot.
  • Putt even if your flight partners are not yet on the green.
  • Do not wait for your partner if he/she has played the ball over the green.
  • Putt, even if you are very close to others putting lines.
  • Note the scores just after the next tee shot (minimum 1st player of the flight).


  • If the forward group is too slow (e.g. fourball before a twoball), ask kindly if the hole may be skipped (without playing this hole, otherwise there would be waiting times for all following groups).
  • Then hurry to play the next hole so that the overtaken group does not need to wait.

Care on the tee, fairway and in the bunker

  • Place broken tees, cigarettes and all other waste in the bins.
  • Repair divots.
  • Rake the bunker after stepping into it and place the rake completely in the bunker (motto: Eliminate your own and others marks, brings good luck!).
  • Do not drive your trolley between green and green bunker, over the green, through a hazard or ground under repair.


  • Don’t try to cut it short, because you could disrupt other groups.
  • A start from Tee 10 is only possible after consultation with the secretary office.

At the green

  • Correct your own and others’ pitchmarks.
  • Take out the flag when putting and lay it carefully on the green.

Other Groups

  • Your ball may not land closer than 50 meters behind the forward group.
  • Tee-off only when the forward group is out of range.
  • Do not create unnecessary noise.


  • The greenkeepers have absolute priority.
  • Never endanger greenkeepers, other players or walkers.
  • When in doubt, always shout FORE.

Local Rules

  • Our local rules can be seen on the score card and on the green fee bag tag.