Private Partner Golf

On 15 November 2018, the “PPG” association was founded by the Golfclubs Heidental, Interlaken, Gstaad, Wallenried and Wylihof.

Statutes PPG, Art. 2 Purpose:
The association constituted as an association of private golf clubs aims to create added value for the members, the clubs belonging to it, the promotion of club golf and the mutual exchange among member-oriented premium golf clubs”.

Why this merger?

  • improved attractiveness for our existing and prospective club members through additional services.
  • The members should be even more in the focus.
  • The club life and the mutual exchange are promoted.
  • The member-oriented premium strategy will be strengthened.
  • Together we can strengthen our voice and influence in the Swiss golf market.
  • Our values and the golf culture should be cultivated together.

How does that work?

  • 5 premium clubs join together in the PPG.
  • The members of the 5 PPG clubs play golf free of charge on all PPG courses.
  • Club tournaments can be played in all PPG clubs.
  • The rounds played are offset against each other among the clubs, so that more frequented courses also receive a higher contribution margin.
  • Further premium clubs can be admitted if they meet the quality requirements, accept the conditions and are accepted by the general meeting of the “PPG”.

What are the advantages for club members?

  • Additional services, prioritised member support
  • free rounds of golf on all PPG courses (whole week on request by phone at the host club)
  • Club tournaments are open to all members in all PPG clubs.
  • Joint tournaments, championships and other events are planned.