The Wylihof management consists of two committees. An administrative board with five members and the management committee with seven members.

While the administrative board deals with the facility and the finances, the management primarly looks after the playing operation, club life and our members.

Legal structure

Wylihof Golf AG (WGA) has a share capital of CHF 3,2 Mio (1600 shares à CHF 2`000.00). There are no voting stocks and no decisive major shareholder.

The share capital is spread over the individual members (shareholders). The WGA is sole owner of the whole entire complex to the value of CHF 30 Mio (27-hole-course including land, driving range, clubhouse, outbuildings, etc.).

Those who subscribe for shares in Wylihof, purchase two shares à 2’000.00 at the current price of CHF 25’000.00.

This membership is freely tradable. In contrast to practically every other system we don’t have non-refundable joining fees.

While the WGA manages the legal basis, the golf club (GCW) looks after the gaming operation, the tournaments and the social life at the Wylihof. Between WGA and GCW exist a contractual bond, whereupon the WGA surrends the use of the golf course to the GCW.

In Wylihof prevails the thought of democracy. Therefore, the shareholders and members define the club’s destiny in entirety.

If you need more information to our legal structure, you may request them from our administrative board president.

Dr. Urs Kaiser
Dammstrasse 14
2540 Grenchen
032 654 99 09